How To Keep Track of Dispensing Your Child’s Medication

How To Keep Track of Dispensing Your Child's Medication

After a very hectic week with Jala being sick and running a very high temperature... I had to find a … [Read more...]

Organizing Family Medications & Nebulizer Machines


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Home sick, Legos with Grandad & Labor Day


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Help Mama Get Fit: Workout week update


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Marriage & The Family:No Mommy Guilt, Sleeping Beauty


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Back to my Workout Routine


This week I'll be back at my workout routine. Up and at it, but I may only get to fit in 30 minute … [Read more...]

I’d like to try a boot camp, when it’s not 2,013 degrees….

Sporty woman

That just sounds good. Seriously, in the near future I'd like to build myself up to attend a … [Read more...]

My hardcore rap playlist motivates my workout


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Help Mama Get Fit: Revisit My Fitness Goals & Regroup

Look Good Feel Good Workout Attire

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Power Ranger Mama


This is me EARLY! in the morning on my way to go workout and my son says I look like a Power Ranger. … [Read more...]