Hemp Happy Family

hemp smoothie

While shopping at Costco the other day, I stopped to taste some Hemp seeds they had out for tasting. I was extremely surprised by the taste. They have a nutty texture and puts me in the mind of sunflower seeds. They also have another taste that I still haven’t been able to pinpoint.

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How To Keep Track of Dispensing Your Child’s Medication

How To Keep Track of Dispensing Your Child's Medication

After a very hectic week with Jala being sick and running a very high temperature… I had to find a way to keep track of giving her medication and keeping an eye on her temperature. Watch the video below and find out the solution I came up with. This has been a lifesaver and has […]

Organizing Family Medications & Nebulizer Machines


If you’re a family that has multiple medications for each family member or one family member has medications to keep up with… here’s something for you.

Home sick, Legos with Grandad & Labor Day


This past Friday my dad and grandma came over to visit before my daughter went back to school.

Help Mama Get Fit: Workout week update


Last weeks workout goals were a success!

Marriage & The Family:No Mommy Guilt, Sleeping Beauty


IT’S MONDAY, MOMMIES!!!!  I felt no guilt waking up this beauty.  As a matter of fact I wish I had a bull horn.  Not really.  I’m really good with making sure I wake the kids up pleasantly.  Unless, they wanna take me there and believe me… I can go there. ;-/ I learned with my […]

Back to my Workout Routine


This week I’ll be back at my workout routine. Up and at it, but I may only get to fit in 30 minute workouts.  I’ll see how that goes with making sure I get the kids a good breakfast and off to school.  It’s so funny because my son has made it known that he […]

I’d like to try a boot camp, when it’s not 2,013 degrees….

Sporty woman

That just sounds good. Seriously, in the near future I’d like to build myself up to attend a Saturday workout boot camp, when it’s not hot and the trainer won’t work me into a pool of sweat. Really. My apprehensions of attending boot camp is simple. I workout on machines. There’s an absolute difference that […]

My hardcore rap playlist motivates my workout


Don’t judge me 😉 The past few weeks of my workout having been boring and dreaded.  I go to our neighborhood fitness center, which I LOVE and I often get caught up chatting with some other ladies about recipes and grocery stores.  Go figure.   However,  I find myself looking at the time on the elliptical […]

Help Mama Get Fit: Revisit My Fitness Goals & Regroup

Look Good Feel Good Workout Attire

I’m in need of some kick the last 10 pounds motivation.  I’ll start the week off motivated and by the end of the week I’m comfortable and in my usually routine at the fitness center.  It may be time for me to revisit my fitness goals and regroup. Another thing, although I’ve lost 14 pounds, […]