Did we stay on budget and track this gardening season?

Photo Courtesy PhotoBucket

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10 Gardening Question Tag with a special guest


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Updating my coffee station using vinegar & oil bottles


Fall is soon approaching and I'm in the house in decorating mode. A current project I'm working on … [Read more...]

Thrift store Household Item Haul

Hazel Atlas Capri Milk Glass Punch Bowl

Hi everyone! Here's a thrift store household item haul video. Went to a few of my favorite thrift … [Read more...]

Meet Bashful


Here's my volunteer sunflower blooming in my garden.   I Facebook friend said she looked bashful,  … [Read more...]

Home & Garden: Benefits of Making Your Bed EVERY Morning

benefits of making bed

There's benefits to that? Yep. Not sure if I told this story before, but I never thought that … [Read more...]

Help your child clean his/her room by using zones


I remember when my oldest was younger and she started cleaning her room. I was like a chore warden.  … [Read more...]

Helping our picky eater through gardening


The past few months I've been dealing with a picky eater.  Not sure where she came from, but it all … [Read more...]

Help Mama prune her petunias


One of my favorite things about gardening season are all the beautiful annuals.  I enjoy creating … [Read more...]

Repurposed planters filling in nicely


This is one of my favorite focal areas in my yard.  With the exception of the annuals and a few of … [Read more...]