The Celery Project Part 2 & Romaine Lettuce


Think that was last week or the week before that I shared with you my Celery Project.  Look how it's … [Read more...]

Entry Focal Wall… in progress – Sneak Peek


Think I spent most of my evening stalking Pinterest.  There's been a wall that I've needed to … [Read more...]

Busy Gardening


The weather was amazing yesterday and no better time to take advantage of the great outdoors.  Hubby … [Read more...]

The Celery Project


I've heard about regrowing celery from leftovers of the celery that you purchase from the store.  … [Read more...]

Easter Mantel & DIY Banner (He’s Alive)


[Read more...]

5 steps to create a gardening budget and stay on track


Chicago land has finally started to see the bright side of things and we're no longer buried under … [Read more...]

Train up a child to organize their drawer


The other day Jala was trying on clothes for picture day. After she found the outfit she wanted to … [Read more...]

What I’m not looking forward to growing this year


The past couple years we've had a hard time with our zucchini plants.  Today I tossed around the … [Read more...]

Raised beds down under… again


Just when I began to smell Spring in the air... This happened. Yesterday was the first day in … [Read more...]

I’m the Braverman’s garden type of girl


I'm a big fan of the television show Parenthood.  This past weekend I found the earlier series on … [Read more...]


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