First Summer Garden Walk-Thru

First Summer Garden Tour

Take a walk-thru my summer garden with me and see how things are growing. Check out video below.

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Beneficial Ladybug in the Garden


Beneficial Ladybug in the Garden A couple years ago hubby and I ordered some ladybugs for the garden. Ladybugs are a beneficial insect and they help take care of those non beneficial bugs like aphids.

Making Hummingbird Syrup & Cleaning Feeders

hummingbird 2

This week I had to spend a little time cleaning my Hummingbird Feeders & making new Hummingbird Syrup. You know I love the birds :). I found a Hummingbird Syrup recipe on Pinterest along with Oriole Syrup.

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Growing Mustard Greens in a Pot

greens in a pot

In the beginning of the gardening season Jala and I planted some seeds in her Cupcake Greenhouse. One of the items we planted in the Greenhouse were some Mustard Greens.

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The One Thing I Dread About Gardening

what I dread about gardening

Okay, there’s a side to gardening that I can really do without. I mean really. Really. However, this one thing is the reason we do what we do. So in actuality, I’m ashamed to say what it is.

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Collard Green Bouquet- Wordless Wednesday

collard green bouquet

This beautiful edible bouquet will be yummy to your tummy

The real reason I love growing Swiss Chard

swiss chard

Ever since we planted our first batch of Swiss Chard a few years ago, I’ve insisted on planting it every year. This morning when I went to harvest some Swiss Chard, the amazingly beautiful leaves astounded me with their beauty. That’s when I realized the real reason I enjoy growing Swiss Chard.

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Outdoor Living Space YouTube Collaboration (Video)

Outdoor Living Space Collab

Today I’m excited to share with you an awesome YouTube Collaboration video. One of my dear YouTube friends, Cathryn from Amateur Decorating Like a Pro, invited myself and many other wonderful YouTubers to participate in sharing our Outdoor Living Space or, ideas, projects etc.

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End of Spring Garden Tour 2015 (Video)

end of spring garden tour 2015

Summer is soon approaching and I wanted to take you for the last Spring Garden Tour of 2015.  We’ve been getting plenty of rain and cool days.  It’s finally warming up during the day and cooler nights.

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Week 5 Garden Update


I think we’re in week 5 of gardening this season. So far, so good.  We still haven’t had any