Easter Mantel & DIY Banner (He’s Alive)


A look at my Easter mantel & DIY banner

My craft corner cubby makeover


Oh, the things I’d do for my own craft room.  I have a board on Pinterest with nothing but craft room inspiration and organization ideas.  Having a craft room would either be a blessing or a curse.  More room to hoard craft supplies would be the curse, but if I’m a good mama… it would […]

Repurposing old art work into new art work


I’m in the process of giving Jala’s room a makeover. What I try to do before I buy something new is try to repurpose what I have. That way I’m able to spend money on other items that are needed. Like bedding, paint, rugs etc. As well as, some of the items that need replacing […]

Home & Garden: The Goodwill of my open kitchen cabinet find.


Just when I thought watching cooking shows inspired me to cook. It also inspires me to want a chef style kitchen.  You know the open cabinet look with all the beautiful pots and pans displayed. 

The free Craigslist lamp that wasn’t actually free


I seem to have a thing for Ugly Ducklings. However, they must have swan potential, in my eyes. A few weeks ago I was strolling through Craigslist when I ran into this rare find. I’m going to attach the video on the expedition my husband and I went on to get it. Hilarious! Which made […]

DIY/Crafts: 12 Days to Kindergarten Countdown Chain


Last week when I stopped by Judy’s blog whatilivefor, she had the cutest project for back to school.  A countdown chain.  My intentions were good.  I thought this would be a great craft project to do with my youngest that starts kindergarten this year.  I forgot about it until, Shelly from momfiles posted her son […]

Planner addictions are at an all time high


I’m always joking about my addiction to planners.  I’ll get a new one the beginning of the season and all is well with the world… until….I’m not satisfied with the one I have any longer.  The beginning of the year I created a Home Management Binder, Takeout Binder & Recipe Binder using binders from the […]

This weeks thrift store find: Green Christmas Lantern..Not

Lantern Redo

More like Summer Satin Expresso Lantern.  When I bought this baby, it was green and it had Christmas greenery wrapped around it.  I removed that funky stuff and spray painted the lantern with the leftover Satin Expresso from my Craigslist Conversational Set project.  With 3 light coats of spray paint letting each one dry in […]

Home & Garden: Who you calling ugly? (Craigslist Patio Set Find)


My ugly duckling has been transformed.  I found some affordable cushions from Wal-Mart on clearance.  I waited as long as possible and if I waited longer…..they would have been gone. Purchased 4 of the red, gold and green cushions for $9.00 each. 3 sage cushions at $15.00 each. The 2 accent pillows were from the […]

Upcycled Thrift Store Lamp Turned Garden Ornament

Upcycled Lamp

Today I went to the Thrift Store for half off day.  I picked up a couple items, paid for them and went back twice for two other things or maybe three. The first thing was this bell shaped ornamental lantern thingy. Bell shape looking ornament with a wrought iron hanging piece on top.  I knew […]