Home & Garden: The Goodwill of my open kitchen cabinet find.


Just when I thought watching cooking shows inspired me to cook. It also inspires me to want a chef … [Read more...]

The free Craigslist lamp that wasn’t actually free


I seem to have a thing for Ugly Ducklings. However, they must have swan potential, in my eyes. A … [Read more...]

DIY/Crafts: 12 Days to Kindergarten Countdown Chain


Last week when I stopped by Judy's blog whatilivefor, she had the cutest project for back to … [Read more...]

Planner addictions are at an all time high


I'm always joking about my addiction to planners.  I'll get a new one the beginning of the season … [Read more...]

This weeks thrift store find: Green Christmas Lantern..Not

Lantern Redo

More like Summer Satin Expresso Lantern.  When I bought this baby, it was green and it had Christmas … [Read more...]

Home & Garden: Who you calling ugly? (Craigslist Patio Set Find)


My ugly duckling has been transformed.  I found some affordable cushions from Wal-Mart on … [Read more...]

Upcycled Thrift Store Lamp Turned Garden Ornament

Upcycled Lamp

Today I went to the Thrift Store for half off day.  I picked up a couple items, paid for them and … [Read more...]

Fairy Garden Complete


Sunday we completed the Fairy Garden.  Although all the gardens I've seen are very detailed and … [Read more...]

The Ugly Duckling Update- Craigslist Conversational Patio Set Find

Patio set with cushions flipped over

I spent last weekend and Mother's Day spray painting my craigslist find.  You remember my little … [Read more...]

My Craigslist Patio Set Find

Craigslist loveseat

I've been looking for a conversational patio set to go at the other end of my patio. If you're … [Read more...]