Train up a child to organize their drawer


I thought she was up to something and asked her what took so long.

Repurposing old art work into new art work


I’m in the process of giving Jala’s room a makeover. What I try to do before I buy something new is try to repurpose what I have. That way I’m able to spend money on other items that are needed. Like bedding, paint, rugs etc. As well as, some of the items that need replacing […]

Home & Garden: The Kid’s Bedroom Makeover in Session


It’s about to be some paint flying, furniture moving, blue taping and please let’s not get paint on the floor, good time up in here…up in here! Well, it’s time to redo the kid’s rooms.  I’ve been asking them to pick out paint colors :-/ and give me some ideas of what they would like […]