5 Questions to ask your Kindergartener while at Open House


Here’s a few things to ask your Kindergartener while at Open House or visiting the school. I really think it’ll give you a great sense of how they’re adjusting.

Homeschooling: Primary,Secondary & Tertiary Colors using Food Color

food color 5

If I had a dime for every time this little girl says, “let’s do a science project!” I would be RICH!!!! Most of the time she has me scrambling and thinking what can I pull together this time.  Ah HA!  Food color!  Let’s mix colors to make more colors! We’ve done this with paint, she’s […]

A week in the life of my chittlins & NewYork


The mom stalker strikes again. Looks like the thing on Instragram this week is posting a then & now picture. You best believe my social media enthused child has posted one. I should have been stalking this chile! I noticed the basketball had stopped bouncing and he was extremely quiet….I thought he either snuck off […]

Homeschooling: Ms Smarty Pants


Sitting here doing my daughter’s lesson and my husband sits at the table with his breakfast and says, “pretend I’m not here.” Time goes by and my daughter gets distracted by who knows what and my husband says, “pay attention and stay focused.” Daughter: dad, shhhh. We’re pretending you’re not here, remember?LOL NicoleDaughter of God […]

Headstart Homeschooling: Starfall iPad App


Since my youngest wasn’t able to start school this year due to how her birthday falls, I decided to homeschool to prepare her for next year. Jala loves my iPad! Honestly, love is an understatement! So in order to make this learning process exciting I look for apps to fulfill her desire. One of our […]