Homeschooling: ABC Cookies


This was a total accident. My daughter wanted a chicken nugget lunchable for her lunch and I decided to create our own by making some chicken nuggets and picking up some snacks to go along with it. This bag of cookies came in a pack with a couple other varieties of cookies. She came over […]

Homeschooling: Motivational Tattoos

Motivational Tattoos

This morning I stopped at another one of my favorite stores, Dollar Tree. After dropping my son off at school I decided to run in and see if they had anything I needed or new. Realizing there wasn’t anything I needed I picked up a couple homeschooling things for my daughter. I was looking for […]

Homeschooling Tools I’m Using: Site Word & US Presidents Flash Cards

U.S Presidents Flash Cards

While up late one night preparing for the next day, I caught hold of some crafting energy out of nowhere.  Instead of using index cards to write site words & the US Presidents on ( my original plan), I took out some card stock and jazzed them up a bit.  Typing the words & Presidents in […]

Homeschooling Tools I’m Using: Dollar Store Finds


Reproducibles I’m so glad I picked these up at the Dollar Tree, along with a few more tools I’ll share with you in a bit. What I like about them most, is the fact I’m able to copy the sheets and reuse them at a later date because the books haven’t been wrote in. Here’s […]

Homeschooling Tools I’m Using: Agenda Book


                My son is in the 6th grade and every year the school gives him an agenda book to write down his homework assignments. While going through his book I thought…this would be a great way for me to plan out my daughter’s weekly lessons. I looked on […]