Repurposed Ashtrays into Oriole Feeders


The first thought that came to mind was to make Oriole Feeders. One for oranges & one for jelly.

Entry Focal Wall… in progress – Sneak Peek


Think I spent most of my evening stalking Pinterest. There’s been a wall that I’ve needed to repaint… well maybe some rooms to repaint.

My craft corner cubby makeover


Oh, the things I’d do for my own craft room.  I have a board on Pinterest with nothing but craft room inspiration and organization ideas.  Having a craft room would either be a blessing or a curse.  More room to hoard craft supplies would be the curse, but if I’m a good mama… it would […]

Homeschooling: Animal Alphabets

animal alphabets

Today we made some alphabet animals. An idea I got from Judy over at What I live For. She’s shared many other craft projects like this, but I finally had a chance to share it with my daughter and we had so much fun. I’m hoping to do these more often and possibly hang them on her wall in […]

DIY/Crafts: Making Play Dough


If I had a dime for every time my daughter asks to do a project, I would be a Mama with a whole lotta dimes!!!!  A few weeks ago when she asked her famous question. Ma, can we do a project? So, I did a YouTube search to find out how to make play dough […]