Summer Homeschool Week Wrap-up ep. 1

We started this week off bike riding.


Tuesday we went to the library to get passes for Brookfield Zoo and Jala signed up for the summer reading club.  Picked up 5 books which included 3 to read for the book club.  Today we’re going to finish them up and take them back to the library.  There’s also a reading list and summary form that must be turned in too.

One of my favorites was Ruby Bridges goes to school.  The little brown kindergartner that went to an all white school in 1960.  This book had me all in my emotions.  With Jala just completing kindergarten, there’s no way I would have had the courage to send her in harms way.  It definitely gives me a grateful heart for Ruby Bridges and her parents to put themselves on the frontline for us. 


Yesterday we made bubbles.  Honestly, I didn’t follow the bubble making directions.  I had about 2 cups of water and added A LOT of dishwashing liquid to it.  We took 2 drinking straws and threaded a piece of thread through the straws.  Tie the thread in a knot and your straw and thread should make the shape of a square.  Pour bubbles in a large baking sheet. Lay straws in bubble mixture and when you pull it up and blow you have a huge bubble.


We had a really good week. Let’s see what next week has in store. How are you keeping your kids busy this summer.


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