Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera Review

Kid Tough Camera22

One of my daughter’s request for her 3rd Birthday was a camera.  Yep!  A camera!  We take a lot of pictures &  she likes getting in on the action.    We asked her what were some of the things she will like to have for her birthday and a camera was at the top of her wish […]

Crayola Telescoping Crayon Tower Review


My daughter received the Crayola Telescoping Crayon Tower for a Birthday gift.  The set came with 150 crayons all arranged on towering tiers.  The towers is great because even after all the crayons are gone or in case some are lost.  All we have to do is refill the tower. (above) The tower also extends […]

The Play-Doh Merger

The industry was booming

Watch how 10 individual entities become 1 Cars were built   And then it happened……..   This is what happens when everyone becomes green with envy   Without Mama stepping in and making sure everything is under control.  This once innovative vehicle… turned merger…turned evious establishment… will be a hunk of dry Play-Doh in the near […]