5 Things I wish would refill itself


This may sound like a rant, but find yourself in the John at wee hours in the morning with no tissue. TMI You weren’t the last person to use the tissue, so why couldn’t the person that snatched off the last piece put a new roll back on?!?! Rant partially over….. So, on with 5 […]

For Dummies Season 9 (The Season Finale)

for dummies

The Season Finale   What’s a season without ending it with eye bucking mouth dropping drama, leaving you in suspense and drawing you back for more next season. Recap of 2010 We started Season 1 off first, defining Dummy.  Didn’t want to offend anyone.  The very first book went to my beloved daughter who, couldn’t seem to get […]

For Dummies Season 8

for dummies

Don’t pull a Tonya Harding on my Baby Boy!  My only boy!  On none of my kids!  How about that? Don’t Pull a Tonya Harding For Dummies! This past Saturday my son had his Flag Football game.  But… maybe I should rewind to the week before…..  The week before during his game, I noticed two […]

For Dummies Season 7

for dummies

Life is back as we know it here in our home. Kids are back in school! YEEESSSSS! Things are flowing as planned. Also, For Dummies Season 7 has been released. To view previous Seasons click here My daughter is now in her Junior year of High school. This past summer she was busy traveling from […]

For Dummies Season 6

for dummies

Welcome back to “For Dummies”!  This is Season  6 and if you’ve missed any of the others click here. If you read my post yesterday on us working on our bedroom closets organization…this book is dedicated to my Prince Charming, My Night and Shining Armour, My main Man!  He started working on installing the closet […]

For Dummies Season 5


This Season speaks for itself.  I’m to disgusted with my loud and obnoxious neighbors to even speak write!        NicoleDaughter of God the Father, Wife, Mother of 3, hairstylist CEO of Splitcybernality, Inc. & designer and creator of Coco Essentials (Jewelry) Statement Pieces Handcrafted, blogs about her personal life here at Help! Mama […]

For Dummies Season 4

for dummies

For Dummies Season 4 If you’re new here and haven’t seen the previous series click here. It’s summer and my son is in summer school. I’ve come to realize that parents should go to summer school too. Everyday I pick him up, the car rider line is slow, not in a single file line and […]

For Dummies Season 3

for dummies

I won’t keep you in suspense. You all know that last Thursday was National Mom’s Nite Out. My oldest daughter was the babysitter and she assured me that she would be the best babysitter. I won’t deny she did a great job. Sooooo great that she didn’t have to rock my daughter to bed. She […]

For Dummies Season 2

walk to school

This is Season 2  of the For Dummies Series  Season 1 was a hit and I’m sure you can relate or even come up with your own For Dummies Series.  This is all in fun and please know that there were no dummies harmed for this series.     We’re going to start with the […]

It’s getting Technical for Dummies

for dummies

It’s Technical Tuesday…{In my… the ugly “lady thing” from Monster Inc. voice} It’s getting Technical for Dummies in my house. Don’t you dare call me MEAN! You know the book? “For Dummies”? You’ve read a few, maybe brought a few or even wrote a few. Who knew? I’ve got about 3 on the side of […]