Let’s see you do this!


Monday night we went to my daughter’s dance “recital”.¬† Let’s just say it was filled with laughs, noise & some funny little girls. NicoleDaughter of God the Father, Wife, Mother of 3, hairstylist CEO of Splitcybernality, Inc. & designer and creator of Coco Essentials (Jewelry) Statement Pieces Handcrafted, blogs about her personal life here at […]

Signing Day


Hey everyone! I haven’t vanished :-). This has been a busy week. Just wanted to stop in and share some pics..from my daughter’s signing party. I’m uploading from my mobile so I’m hoping they all go through. See you guys next week ūüôā or sooner as I catch up on my blog reading.   NicoleDaughter […]

The days I don’t, I do. The days I want, I don’t.


Do you ever have days when you are trying to reach a goal, but you come up short?¬† Or days when you want to tell your goals, “I’ll catch you tomorrow!” However, you catch them today?¬† That’s how my work outs have been the past few weeks.¬† One week I literally have throw myself out […]

Chicago Sky, Sweaty Wrist Bands & Letterman Jacket


Daughter: Look! (Pointing at her bookbag.) Son: (reaching for it) Daughter: Don’t touch it! It’s wet from sweat! Son: Who’s sweat is it! Who’s sweat is it! (In midst of reaching depending on who’s sweat is it. Then he bends down to smell it.) Daughter: Tamera Young. She gave it to me. Me: (looking like… […]

Back to School


Ya heard?!¬† Thank you Jesus!!!!!!! Do you sense the excitement in my post? Of course you don’t. This week my kids will return to School.¬† My oldest is a senior (I’m getting teary eyed). My son is in 5th grade & this year he didn’t have to go to summer school to pass.¬† I’m just […]

Sports Physicals No Longer Covered


The first day of school is approaching & getting kids physicals & sports physicals are mandatory.¬† Last week I called to make an appointment for my daughter’s sport’s physical and was notified that insurance companies are no longer covering sport’s physicals and we would have to pay out of pocket.¬† Of course there’s nothing I […]

WTFlashback?! My First Pair of Name Brand Jeans

mens long shirt

¬† ¬†         Back in The Day Back in the 80’s when we wore the men’s long sleeve dress shirts, straight leg blue jeans, over sized belt & white girl gym shoes.¬† My daddy brought me my first pair of name brand jeans.¬† Yep, he sure did!¬† Poor daddy didn’t know what […]

WTFlashback?! The Taste of Chicago


Today seems so much like Saturday! Just a little change in my schedule has me feeling this way. Any who. I was talking to one of my clients about the Taste of Chicago, an annual fest that happens in downtown Chicago. We were debating on if we would go this year. I’m thinking, NOT! I […]

WTFlashback?! My Oldest Baby Pic

family pic 1

He looks younger than 22 Oh my gosh!¬† My daughter had to have been about a week old on this picture.¬† When I look back at her baby pictures my baby daddy¬†husband and I look like little kids.¬† We were 22 years old when I had her but he looks like he’s 16!LOL¬† She will […]

WTFlashback?! Do you remember thunderstorms being this violent?


I don’t know about you, but at my mature age I’m scarred of thunderstorms. We’ve had thunderstorms the past two nights and they’ve been so violent and loud. Loud enough to wake me up. The other day when we took the kids downstairs to safety, the rain and wind was whipping the side of our […]