Let’s see you do this!


Monday night we went to my daughter's dance "recital".  Let's just say it was filled with laughs, … [Read more...]

Signing Day


Hey everyone! I haven't vanished :-). This has been a busy week. Just wanted to stop in and share … [Read more...]

The days I don’t, I do. The days I want, I don’t.


Do you ever have days when you are trying to reach a goal, but you come up short?  Or days when you … [Read more...]

Chicago Sky, Sweaty Wrist Bands & Letterman Jacket


Daughter: Look! (Pointing at her bookbag.) Son: (reaching for it) Daughter: Don't touch it! It's … [Read more...]

Back to School


Ya heard?!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!!! Do you sense the excitement in my post? Of course you don't. This … [Read more...]

Sports Physicals No Longer Covered


The first day of school is approaching & getting kids physicals & sports physicals are … [Read more...]

WTFlashback?! My First Pair of Name Brand Jeans

mens long shirt

            Back in The Day Back in the 80's when we wore … [Read more...]

WTFlashback?! The Taste of Chicago


Today seems so much like Saturday! Just a little change in my schedule has me feeling this way. Any … [Read more...]

WTFlashback?! My Oldest Baby Pic

family pic 1

He looks younger than 22 Oh my gosh!  My daughter had to have been about a week old on this … [Read more...]

WTFlashback?! Do you remember thunderstorms being this violent?


I don't know about you, but at my mature age I'm scarred of thunderstorms. We've had thunderstorms … [Read more...]