Marriage & The Family:No Mommy Guilt, Sleeping Beauty


IT’S MONDAY, MOMMIES!!!!  I felt no guilt waking up this beauty.  As a matter of fact I wish I had a bull horn.  Not really.  I’m really good with making sure I wake the kids up pleasantly.  Unless, they wanna take me there and believe me… I can go there. ;-/ I learned with my […]

Beauty is in the details. (Motivational Monday)


Ever since I first layed my eyes on a Hibiscus plant, I was in awe of its beauty.  Being able to capture, preserve its gorgeousness and place it in my hair would make my day. On a another note, right next to this flower is a tree. A tree that leaves have began to start […]

Mama, Go Beyond Your Inner Circle (Motivational Monday)


Most of us have an inner circle and effective inner circles are smaller than our wedding band.  Well for me it is.  These are the people we go to for support, guidance and sometimes we’re just looking for a sounding board.  Even with many of us spending a lot of time on Facebook, those 300, […]

It’s time to get this garden started right!


Woke up this morning to birds singing in my ear, sun shining & plenty to do. Hubby will not be able to relax & sleep late this morning! Getting vegetables planted, lawn mowed & many other miscellaneous projects are an order. Hope you all have a wonderful day! What’s on your agenda & how’s the […]

Putting All The Pieces Together (Motivational Monday)


Puzzle As of recently I found out that my youngest daughter likes putting together puzzles. I also found out that I enjoy putting them together too. While putting together this puzzle I had a light bulb moment. Now, I’m sure I already knew this but sometimes my light gets dim and it takes some time […]

Motivational Monday – Heading to Super Sectionals

Cutting down net

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Last week was a bit busy & I hope this week is as well. My daughter’s team has made it to the Super Sectionals. This is another crucial game which will determine the final 4 teams that go down state to play in the Illinois Championship. Last year […]

Motivated to Dream


Repost (I posted this post last year on Martin Luther King Birthday. Reflecting) I’m here to celebrate on this National Holiday.  Today we celebrate the Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  An African American man that I’m proud to celebrate on today.  A man that had a dream.  A dream that he, himself would […]

I’m ready to go toe to toe with 2011! (Motivational Monday)

Sporty woman

I have began a mental count down in my head and I’m so excited to be able to begin a New Year.  It’s so funny, I recently realized I may have Compulsive Calendar Disorder.  A few weeks ago I began to set my calendar dates for next year.  It was extremely hard for me to focus […]

Thanksgiving Week (Motivational Monday) are you ready?

Whats on your holiday menu

This will be a short week for some since Thanksgiving is Thursday.  Today I have to get my grocery shopping complete, so, I can cruise through the rest of the week.  Thankfully we’re visiting for the Holiday.  However, I like to come home to my own meal as well.  Left overs early Friday morning is always a […]

It’s that time again! Writing Goals for next year.

HMR Banner

Whew!  Where has this year went?  I say this every year.  This is usually the time of year I began to create new goals & review the goals I’ve completed this year.  To tell you the truth I’m a little scared to see where I’ve fallen short.  Nevertheless, it must be done.  I usually break my goals […]