Mama Minute: Kid’s Bathroom Caddy


Since school has been back in session have you had traffic jams in your bathroom/s?Early mornings can be a bit stressful when you have multiple family members getting ready at the same time.Last school year I put together a bathroom caddy for my daughter and we’ve been using it ever since.

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Free for (f)ALL Decorating: Everyday Tablescape


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Catalog Look for Less:Pottery Barn Decor Inspiration & $3 Storage Ottoman


The DIY that I created was the ottoman. Well, actually my husband created.We had some free wood in the garage along with an ottoman top that I bought at a garage sale this summer for 3 bucks!My hubby did an amazing job on it and I stained it with some leftover stain we had from doing the kids floors. Watch the video below and let me know how well I did with taking the Pottery Barn elements and adding them to our family room.

Free for (f)ALL Decorating: Simple Fall Centerpiece


This week I’ve been decorating for fall throughout my home and as much as I love summer, when fall comes around I’m excited for the cooler weather. I’ve already shared with you how I decorated our Free Find Buffet for fall while using the decor I already have and if you want to know how […]

Mama Minute: Leftover Soup


Back in the day when I was living home with my mama, I had a friend over while my mom was about to cook dinner.When I looked in the fridge there was nothing in the fridge. NOTHING!My mama started pulling stuff

Free for (f)ALL Decorating: Decorating Buffet for Fall


This week I will be sharing with you how I’m decorating my home for fall by shopping my home. Hubby and I are on a no buy so I need to get my decorating done without spending a dime out of my pocket.

End of Summer Garden Walk- Thru and Herb Harvest


The summer is swiftly winding down and you can tell by our crops. The tomato harvest is no longer as plentiful and the cucumbers are producing their last cucumbers. We planted

The Cooking Channel: Poképudding


In the kitchen with Jala adding a twist to Banana Pudding and making Pokepudding (the kids helped me name it)Using the standard vanilla pudding and wafers to make the banana pudding. I added a twist by using marshmallows, oreo cookies and red velvet chips ahoy to give the banana pudding the Pokeball look.

Fall Planting & Harvesting Potatoes: The Small, The Medium & The Mushy

7 pound potato harvest

The summer gardening season is coming to an end and we finally had the opportunity to plant some cool crops and harvest our potatoes.Before harvesting our potatoes I have grabbed potatoes here and there to eat for dinner and to share with family and friends.

3 Things I’ve Learned From My Daughter Taking Swim Lessons

3 things I learn from swimming

My sweet mother attempted to give me swim lessons at our local YMCA when I was a little girl.After the first day of lessons and a horrifying water going up my nostrils experience, I quit!Stick a fork in me because this shriveled up girl was DONE!I told my daughter about my life shaking experience and she’s convinced that I should either take swim lesson or she would teach me herself.