Wordless Wednesday: Make it Rain

jala waterhose

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$5 Summer Goodwill Challenge (Video)

5 summer goodwill challenge

This week I participated in a $5 Summer Goodwill Challenge hosted by, Hilary from My So Called Home on YouTube. She started this challenge a couple years ago and has been doing it seasonally ever since.

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Marriage & The Family: Dealing with Life’s Disappointments


  There’s Joy in the Midst of Disappointment Hearing my kids laugh these days brings me unspeakable joy.  Playing a video game together or alone, watching Vine videos or laughing at each other, are the things that make my kids Laugh Out Loud.  Actually, Roll on the Floor Laughing. Focus on the Good Who doesn’t […]

What’s In My Daughter’s Swim Bag

swim bag

This week my youngest will begin swim lessons at a nearby swim school. Sadly, in our family my husband is the only one that knows how to swim. My two oldest can barley swim which to me counts for not being able to swim.

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In the Wake of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Murders: The Cure to Racism & Hate

the cure to racism

This past week has been absolutely devastating to the Black Community in it’s entirety and a hard time for us as a Nation. For the Black Community it’s like pouring salt gasoline and lighting a match on an open wound. Unless you’ve been under a rock you’re aware of the events that took place last Wednesday, at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina.

Beneficial Ladybug in the Garden


Beneficial Ladybug in the Garden A couple years ago hubby and I ordered some ladybugs for the garden. Ladybugs are a beneficial insect and they help take care of those non beneficial bugs like aphids.

Making Hummingbird Syrup & Cleaning Feeders

hummingbird 2

This week I had to spend a little time cleaning my Hummingbird Feeders & making new Hummingbird Syrup. You know I love the birds :). I found a Hummingbird Syrup recipe on Pinterest along with Oriole Syrup.

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Hemp Happy Family

hemp smoothie

While shopping at Costco the other day, I stopped to taste some Hemp seeds they had out for tasting. I was extremely surprised by the taste. They have a nutty texture and puts me in the mind of sunflower seeds. They also have another taste that I still haven’t been able to pinpoint.

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Growing Mustard Greens in a Pot

greens in a pot

In the beginning of the gardening season Jala and I planted some seeds in her Cupcake Greenhouse. One of the items we planted in the Greenhouse were some Mustard Greens.

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The One Thing I Dread About Gardening

what I dread about gardening

Okay, there’s a side to gardening that I can really do without. I mean really. Really. However, this one thing is the reason we do what we do. So in actuality, I’m ashamed to say what it is.

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