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May Netflix StreamTeam Movie Picks – Rev Run’s Sunday Supper

rev runs sunday supper

Last month we enjoyed Rev Run’s Renovation and that led us to watch Rev Run’s Supper. Of course this was Jala’s suggestion and with Rev Run’s Shows being clean content it was safe for us to watch together.

Netflix Stream Team April’s Pick- Rev Run’s Renovation

netflix stream team

This months Stream Team Pick! Rev Run’s Renovation. When this was airing on television I’d always miss it. I did happen to catch a couple episodes, one when they renovated their daughter

Unlikely Animal Friends and Their Symbiotic Relationships: Netflix StreamTeam

Netflix September Post

I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team and opinions are my very own. Unlikely Animal Friends My youngest daughter Jala has an extreme love for animals. Never thought the word extreme could possibly be an understatement, but when it comes to Jala and animals, she loves them. She thinks ugly animals are cute. Like […]

Who’s got dibs StreamTeam box contents?


I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team. Opinions and remarks are my very own. Arrived home today from the kid’s doctor’s appointment and my son spotted a package at the door. He gives it a shake, “It sounds like legos!” Jala responds, “I got dibs!” To our suprise Netflix sent some goodies and both […]

Fuller House on Netflix – Stream Team

Fuller House

Don’t you just love reminiscing on the television shows you watched as a child? I definitely do, and I love when Netflix brings back the flash of the past.

January’s Netflix #StreamTeam Picks – October Baby

Netflix September Post

This month started off with me watching the movie, October Baby. Years ago I read a book which was similar to this very topic, abortion. Based on your views on the topic of abortion, you may be swayed one way or the other.

December Netflix StreamTeam Binge


I’m writing this post because I am a Netflix StreamTeam member. Opinions are my very own. The month of December, I Netflix Binged. Indulged in some good ole movies. Yes I did. Not only did I binge, but my kids have been binging too. My oldest daughter is home and my youngest has hijacked the […]

November Netflix Pick of the Month- My Dad’s a Soccer Mom #NetflixStreamTeam

my dads a soccer mom

I’m a member of the Netflix StreamTeam and opinions are my very own.   Hope everyone has recuperated from Thanksgiving dinner. I’m in the process of going through sweet potato pie withdrawal. Just one mo pie. One more. Nope nine pies weren’t enough. Anyhow, we had a wonderful time chilling with the family and watching […]

Help Mama Plan: Reviewing DiGi Orange & Silhouette Sticker/Label Paper


Today I’m sharing the two types of sticker paper I’ve purchased so far and used on my sticker making journey. It has been a bit of a task finding sticker/label paper with a great quality and a great price. Watch video below and see my opinion on the DiGi Orange & Silhouette Sticker Label/Paper. NicoleDaughter […]

Excited To Be A Part of #NetflixStreamTeam for Another Year

netflix stream team

I’m a member of the #NetflixStreamTeam and all post concerning Netflix are my own. If my memory serves me correctly, this is my third year working with the Netflix Stream Team. Before blogging with them we were already Netflix fans. When we don’t go out to rent movies for family night, we scroll through the […]