Looking for tasty appetizers for a Mom's Nght Out/In, Monday Night Football or craving a tasty snack? Look no further!

The Cooking Channel: Swiss Chard Tartar Sauce Recipe

Swiss Chard Tartar sauce

Well, today I decided to make a Swiss Chard Tartar Sauce.

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The Cooking Channel: Butter Teriyaki Brussels Sprouts (Video)

butter teriyaki

For years I’ve tried to eat Brussels Sprouts and didn’t like them.  I’ve always thought they were so adorable so who wouldn’t want those darling mini me cabbages on their plate for dinner.  Over time and experimenting with different ways to cook them I’ve grown to love them.  Here’s my Butter Teriyaki Brussels Sprouts Recipe. […]

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Miniature Mighty Burgers for Game Day

miniature mighty burgers

Need something good on game day? Well, here’s some Miniature Mighty Burgers packed with great flavor, a little kick of spice and small enough to serve along with other tasty finger snacks. Scoop up all the ingredients you need before Sunday. Watch video below and print out recipe.

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Monthly Recipe Swap- Fillo Appetizers

fillo cups

This months recipe swap is here and Anjanette and I are here to share some appetizers that you can prepare for your Easter dinner.  Honestly, this recipe was a challenge because I read the ingredient list, but I didn’t READ the list.  Also, this was my first time using fillo cups and first time hearing […]

Taking my Le Creuset for a test drive on egg shells


Finally had a chance to take this baby for a spin.  Sunday I made game day food and used my Le Creuset stock pot to boil eggs for deviled eggs.  There are two things that I’ve always either had a hard time cooking or just cared less.  Well, maybe three…rice, pancakes and boiled eggs.  Some […]

Garden To Table: Stuffed Bell Pepper Wedges

served bell pepper wedges 2

Ingredients: 4 (Small) Bell Pepper 1/4 cup Ground Turkey (seasoned & cooked) 1/2 cup Quinoa (soaked overnight and cooked according to directions) You may use rice as a substitute 2 tbl spoon feta Cheese 1/2 cup Shredded Colby Jack for mixture and approximately 1 cup to put on top before placing in the oven 2 tbl […]

The Cooking Channel: Sauteed Shrimp


Ingredients 1 Bag of Raw Shrimp 2 Scallions 1 mushroom Seasoning 3 Teaspoons of Butter   Rinse and peel Raw Shrimp Season I seasoned mine with Old Bay Season & Lemon Pepper Next cut up onions and mushroom Place butter inside skillet and let melt Throw in onions and mushrooms and let caramelize Toss in […]

The Cooking Channel: Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe


    Every now and then I try to introduce a new dish, fruit or vegetable into our diet and meals. If you’re anything like me sometimes I can get stuck cooking the same dishes over and over and over again. While at the grocery store last week I came across some acorn squash. Never […]

The Cooking Channel: A Monday Night Football Appetizer- Pigs in a Blanket


These little treats were so easy that I was able to… almost, nearly, kinda turn it over to my daughter. Items Needed: Crescent Rolls Pack of Cocktail Links Roll out crescents Use a pizza cutter or knife to slice into strips and they won’t be even nor do they have to be perfect. Take the […]

Wasabi Style Chicken Nuggets Recipe & A $50 Dominicks Giftcard Giveaway


          When extended the opportunity to participate in a Dominick’s cooking challenge by using 2 items out of more than 1,000 new international items in their store, I jumped at the ocassion. Dominick’s stores have more than 1,000 new international items with great everyday prices including Italian, Polish, Hispanic, German, Kosher, Irish, […]