Freezer Preserving Tomatoes & Peppers

Freezer Preserving Tomatoes and Peppers

We’ve been doing good with preserving our herbs and now, that we have harvesting, dehydrating and storing herbs down, it’s time to do the same with the other vegetables.However, when it comes to preserving your harvest, what often happens is you may only have enough to harvest and eat now and nothing to eat later.

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The Cooking Channel: Enchilada Chicken Bake Recipe

585 250 enchilada chicken bake

This past week our air conditioner went out.  I was suppose to cook this dish Tuesday, but there was no way I was turning on the oven.  No way.  Today, I was able to make this Enchilada Chicken Bake, a simple quick meal and so many things you can use to substitute these items if […]

The Cooking Channel: Jerk Chicken Baked Potato

jerk chicken baked potato

This loaded jerk chicken potato will have you wanting more. Easy to make from the comforts of your kitchen.

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The real reason I love growing Swiss Chard

swiss chard

Ever since we planted our first batch of Swiss Chard a few years ago, I’ve insisted on planting it every year. This morning when I went to harvest some Swiss Chard, the amazingly beautiful leaves astounded me with their beauty. That’s when I realized the real reason I enjoy growing Swiss Chard.

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The Cooking Channel: Swiss Chard Tartar Sauce Recipe

Swiss Chard Tartar sauce

Well, today I decided to make a Swiss Chard Tartar Sauce.

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Helping our picky eater through gardening


The past few months I’ve been dealing with a picky eater. Not sure where she came from, but it all started one day I made pork chops.

Garden to Table: Cooking with Garden Herbs


These past weeks I’m enjoying the herbs we have in the garden more and more.  We’ve been harvesting almost daily, dehydrating and storing in containers.

Lemon Balm Tea, I love you


I’ve been growing lemon balm in my yard for some time now. Actually, I don’t remember when I planted it or where I bought it. So it’s been awhile.

The Celery Project Part 3 & Romaine Lettuce Update


Both are growing exceptionally well.

The Celery Project Part 2 & Romaine Lettuce


Think that was last week or the week before that I shared with you my Celery Project.  Look how it’s taking off!