The Cooking Channel: My Fishy Memories & Cooking Halibut For The First Time


I’ve been venturing into the deep by trying new fish.  Whenever I think of eating fish I always reminisce of going fishing with my grandma, aunt and cousins.  Those were the good ole days.  We’d wake up before day, drive hours away and stay all day. My grandma and aunt would fish while my cousins […]

The Cooking Channel: Salmon Tacos w/MexAmerica Tortillas(Product Review)

Salmon Tacos1

A couple weeks ago I received some taco shells from MexAmerica Foods to review.  I was sent 1 pack of 15 oz Flour Tortillas, 16 oz 100 % Whole Wheat With Honey Tortillas & 10 oz corn Tortillas. Within the past couple weeks we’ve had our regular turkey tacos & veggie wraps.  I used the […]

The Cooking Channel: Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe


    Every now and then I try to introduce a new dish, fruit or vegetable into our diet and meals. If you’re anything like me sometimes I can get stuck cooking the same dishes over and over and over again. While at the grocery store last week I came across some acorn squash. Never […]

The Cooking Channel: Ain’t Nothing Like Your Mama’s Cooking!


How could a mom not throw down in the kitchen when their starving child is home? “This is a goldmine, ” she says as she stands in the middle of the kitchen floor, mesmerized as though this will be her last meal. Today I cooked Salmon, Fettuccine w/Alfredo Sauce(Using leftover taco meat from the day […]

The Cooking Channel:Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers


My husband seems to love planting rows & rows of Jalapeno Peppers. Usually I’ll freeze those suckers and call it a day, but this year I decided to make use of the harvest, Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers. Normally I pick up the frozen boxes from the grocery store. They’re filled with what I assume to be […]

The Cooking Channel:Got oxtails? Will travel.


Don’t know I’d I shared this vid before, but thought it was appropriate since we’re talking about oxtails. We’re on the road this morning to go to the meat market for oxtails.  Well, not in that order.  Going to visit my grandma today and she lives a few miles from the meat market we used […]

The Cooking Channel: Grilled T-Bones & My ‘Staple Marinade’

Cooking is a Mama Thang - Copy

          We’ve been grilling for the past two weeks. So, if nothing gets put on the grill this 4th of July, I’m fine with it. Last week I marinated some T-Bone Steaks and decided to throw them on the grill. Well, my husband threw them on. Our gas grill stopped working […]

Sunday Dinner: T-Bone Steaks


Today we have T-Bone Steaks, Rice & Gravy and some veggies on the menu.  I recently became comfortable with cooking my steaks on top of the stove with the help of using my favorite marinate.  Italian dressing is my go to for marinating any meat that I cook.  I marinate my steaks with Italian dressing […]

National Devil Eggs Day

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Pancakes Fresh From The Oven


No matter how much I enjoy cooking a creative meal for my family, there  are a few things I continuously have a hard time perfecting. Rice, I make Uncle Ben look like Uncle Sam, potato salad & pancakes. Every time I make pancakes it would always end in tragedy! I know. Wait until they’re filled […]