The Cooking Channel: My Fishy Memories & Cooking Halibut For The First Time


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The Cooking Channel: Salmon Tacos w/MexAmerica Tortillas(Product Review)

Salmon Tacos1

A couple weeks ago I received some taco shells from MexAmerica Foods to review.  I was sent 1 pack … [Read more...]

The Cooking Channel: Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe


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The Cooking Channel: Ain’t Nothing Like Your Mama’s Cooking!


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The Cooking Channel:Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers


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The Cooking Channel:Got oxtails? Will travel.


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The Cooking Channel: Grilled T-Bones & My ‘Staple Marinade’

Cooking is a Mama Thang - Copy

          We've been grilling for the past two weeks. So, if … [Read more...]

Sunday Dinner: T-Bone Steaks


Today we have T-Bone Steaks, Rice & Gravy and some veggies on the menu.  I recently became … [Read more...]

National Devil Eggs Day

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Pancakes Fresh From The Oven


No matter how much I enjoy cooking a creative meal for my family, there  are a few things I … [Read more...]