The Meal Challenge: The Coupon Sista vs. Help! Mama Remote…


A few weeks ago I invited Stacie, The Coupon Sista to participate in a challenge.  Who could make a meal for 5 for less?  Below I’ve embedded our vids.  Hope you enjoy them.   The Challenge     The Coupon Sista Accepts The Challenge   The Coupon Sista’s Meal   Help! Mama Remote’s… Meal In the […]

Open Mic With The Coupon Sista


Good morning everyone!  Thanks for stopping by to read my May monthly tip guest post!    Today, we’re going to do something a bit different.  I would like to have an Open Mic discussion with you all.  Anyone who has questions on how to coupon or save money, I would love for you to ask your questions in […]

All About Aldi (Guest Post The Coupon Sista)

The Coupon Sista1

Another month has come and gone.  It’s the first Monday in the month which means it’s time for the monthly guest post from the one and only…………..The Coupon Sista !  To check out previous guest post from The Coupon Sista click here.  Thanks so much Stacie for sharing you knowledge here at Help! Mama Remote… Most […]

Spring Clean & Earn Cha-Ching!

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Spring is right around the corner and I can hardly wait! You may not be able to tell with the 3 foot snow mounds that are outside your front door, but rest assured it is coming! It’s a great time to start preparing for Spring cleaning projects and score some extra cash while you’re at […]

The Coupon Sista shares tips to save on Valentines Day

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With Valentine’s day around the corner, you may be thinking of ways you can celebrate your Boo without breaking the bank.  So here are few creative ways to save money while doing something special for your loved ones.   Kids:   Have your children make their own Valentines Day cards. Just get construction paper, markers, and tape.  Cut […]

Save Money This Year

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  Happy New Year to you all!  As last year began to come to an end, I began to think about Help! Mama Remote…  How can I give my readers more?  After much thought and deep thought. LOL.  Here I’d like to introduce a special Blogger who I read her blog faithful and I don’t […]