Marriage and The Family: Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park


Marriage and The Family: Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park We went on another summer family adventure…

Birdwatching: Baltimore Orioles


A couple weeks ago I saw the prettiest orange and black bird feeding from the hummingbird feeder.  The bird was too big and was having a hard time staying on the feeder. 

Taking Our Gardening Skills To The Next Level-Companion Gardening


This year we’re learning to step up our gardening game with companion gardening.

Keeping Up With The Cardinals


I know. I need to pull the Nikon out the box again.  Okay. Okay. Okay 🙂 NicoleDaughter of God the Father, Wife, Mother of 3, hairstylist CEO of Splitcybernality, Inc. & designer and creator of Coco Essentials (Jewelry) Statement Pieces Handcrafted, blogs about her personal life here at Help! Mama Remote…More Posts – Website – […]

Getting a clear shot of these two – Mr & Mrs Cardinal


This summer I’m challenging myself to get a clear shot of these two love birds.

Raised beds down under… again


Just when I began to smell Spring in the air… This happened. Yesterday was the first day in months that we saw our grass again and the patio was clear… Then this happened. I’m on the inside looking out and I’m over calling it pretty.  How’s the weather where you are? NicoleDaughter of God the […]

Tough guy or gal


This little rabbit lives somewhere in the midst of these bushes or down under, I’m sure.  It was eating the branches from my Burberry bush (think thats the right name). Well, anyway this bush has thorns on it!! Ouch! Guess you have to be a tough rabbit living in Chiberia. NicoleDaughter of God the Father, […]

It’s so cold we caught the vapors


Yesterday while scrolling my Facebook and Instagram time line I saw someone do this experiment.   I had to do it with the kids so that we too can experience this.  Chicago’s weather yesterday was -13 something like that with wind chills -42.  What in the world is happening?  We shouldn’t have that many people getting […]

Honey, it’s freezing outside! It’s all gravy & Valentines Decor.

Valentines Hutch

The kids have been on winter break for two weeks and so far today it’s been extended a day. We’re under severe weather advisory until 12 pm tomorrow with our wind chill -42. Hopefully our school district extends it one more day and if not….I’ll extend it myself. Approximately 12 inches of snow From the […]

Marriage & The Family: Lunch Date At Hamada


Yeah, this is what he’s doing while we wait for our food. One of my favorite drinks when I go out to eat. I’m a slushy drinker. Salad with ginger sauce….. Noodles and veggies….. Fried rice…. at this point I’m full…. Scrimps…LOL shrimps and WELL DONE steak… And a doggie plate NicoleDaughter of God the […]