Sports Channel: Game Time Live


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you enjoyed your time spent with family.  We had a wonderful time and my mom is here spending time with us for a few days.  No Black Friday shopping for me today and if you were able to get out there tell me about the deals you scored.  […]

The Sports Channel: It’s a new season


Today is my daughter’s first game of the season. I won’t be there in person, but you know I’m there in spirit. It’s amazing how the cycle of life brings everything back full circle. Starting over with any new team causes us to have to show that we are committed to the mission. Which in […]

Marriage & The Family: 5 Loving Remedies for Homesick College Students


The title should read: 5 loving remedies for a mom who’s sick because her child left for college. 🙂 Time heals all wounds. 1. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media: Thank God for social sites like Twitter, Facebook (the kids have migrated from there), Instagram and YouTube. Although you can be hundreds of miles away, […]

Wordless Wednesday: Defense


(My daughter top left & bottom left) My daughter has began conditioning training and let’s just say, “another level!” Every morning I txt her with….take your medicine, don’t forget your medicine or did you take your medicine? On the phone the other day she broke down her day to day routine and said, “I don’t […]

National Childhood Obesity Month: (Repost)How the love of the game beat obesity

basketball and whistle

September is National Childhood Obesity Month and I thought this post I shared with you all last year would be appropriate and motivation for any parents dealing with a child fighting obesity. As my daughter continues to count down the days until her 17th birthday I can’t help to rejoice on how far God has […]

College Bound


2 days before my oldest begins an awesome journey. I’m wondering why no one told me how hard this was going to be. For the next couple days I’ll be wearing my sunglasses around the house. When I begin to sniffle, I’m going to blame it on my allergies. NicoleDaughter of God the Father, Wife, […]

I cried today…..


and yesterday and last week and the week before that and that day I was left in the hotel room while she hung out with her new college team mates. 10 days and counting before I cry again or sooner (like right now) well, actually 10 days before I lament, ball and cry some more […]

Season Ends In A Disappointing 3rd Place :-/


Many may say, “how can you be disappointed when you made it downstate?”  When your team loses to the same team 3 years in a row, there’s a problem.  Last year we can honestly say that the opposing team was stronger and had a greater skill set.  This year…..a team with only one senior and […]

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month


Visit Brain Injury Association of America for more facts and information. NicoleDaughter of God the Father, Wife, Mother of 3, hairstylist CEO of Splitcybernality, Inc. & designer and creator of Coco Essentials (Jewelry) Statement Pieces Handcrafted, blogs about her personal life here at Help! Mama Remote…More Posts – Website – Twitter – Facebook – Pinterest […]

Back to Back to Back


The Lady Hawks pulled it together after a very tough first half.  They went into half time trailing 20-13, which has never ever happened!!! So big ups to their opponents on defense. They had is worried. After half time I saw the fury in my daughter’s face and was hoping the fury converted into making […]