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Thank You for visiting Help! Mama Remote… I’m Nicole and If you’re interested in our family testing your product?  You’ve come to the right page. Why in the world will you allow a Blogger to test, give you feed back and brag about the product you made and we like? Why not? We’re the ones buying it anyway.

On the flip-side, you may have a product that we may not favor.  If, you’re willing to get an honest review you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve worked with state of the art product and development companies & management, working in Research Development testing product that will eventually reach consumers hands.

We are a family of five. All family friendly products will be considered for testing but not gauranteed to test. If your product is considered for testing or reviewing, it will be featured on Help! Mama Remote… website. Tweeted on twitter & in everybody’s Face on Facebook. All products reviewed will be given our true opinion. In order to make this process simple find below the likes of my family.

Mama—–39yrs old that loves purses, tech gadgets, scrap booking supply, clothes, did I say purses? Organizers, organizational tool, coffee, chocolate and household items etc, etc, etc.

Daddy—-40yrs old technically nuts video gamer, electronics, movie buff, clothes, playing pool, throwing darts, golf and etc, etc.

Big Daughter—17 yrs old basketball on the brain, is an athlete and plays Volleyball & Basketball. She loves electronics, cell phones handheld games and anything teen related.  However, no sports related items will be considered due to not wanting to violate any NCAA rules.

Middle Child—-11 yrs old that loves to play with his Lego’s and any other action figure toy. He loves the outdoors and has a great imagination.

Baby Girl—–4 yrs old any can play with toys that are age appropriate.

All other items related to a family of our size that are not listed above, feel free to submit for testing.

Submitting Procedures

Step 1 Contact me for submission of product @ pr(at)helpmamaremote(dot)com  0r feel free to fill out form below with detail of product and any other detail that will help with the testing process.

Step 2 After we receive submission of your product.  I will discuss this with the testing panel(The Family).  If your product is chosen, I will contact you within 7 business days.

Step 3 Once product is received we will begin testing the following business day.

step 4 After testing phase is completed, I will contact you via email informing you of completion.  If reports were submitted with testing you will receive that within 7 business days of completion of testing.


We will not return any products submitted for testing

We are not responsible for shipping any giveaways and we ask that you consider submitting an extra product for that purpose. (This will be discussed at submission of testing) 

All forms required for testing must be provided by the submittor.

When products are reviewed on this site.  We will tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us Blogville.


Thank You


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