3 Football Movies on Netflix That’ll Encourage Your Student Athlete #NetflixStreamTeam

Our kids will return to school soon, if they haven’t already and if your child plays football they may have already began practice sessions.  For me there are a few ways that help motivate me for strenuous tasks and I will certainly consider football strenuous.  Often times, watching a movie that’s encouraging, motivating or reflects life difficulties help get messages across to our children that verbal words for parents, kids just don’t get.

Over the past couple weeks my son and I have been watching football movies to help motivate him for the upcoming season.  Although I’m listing 3, there are numerous movies related to football on Netflix, but here’s the 3 Movies I want to share with you.

23 Blast

Life takes a complete turn for Travis Freeman when this student athlete contracts an infection that almost ends his high school football career.  With so much going for Travis, after this infection leaves him blind he becomes depressed and nearly gives up on life.  When Travis’ coach thinks he can still play for the team despite being blind, Travis has to overcome his fear of failure.


Who’d think that a football team can use some hope, love and reconciliation?  Well, that’s exactly what the Woodlawn High Football team needed.  Myself being born in the early 70’s and not knowing the racial tension that was taking place in America.  Tony Nathan was in the heart of this racial tension and had to overcome it on and off the field.  One thing for sure, Tony had parents that were rooted and grounded in their faith and raised him to trust in God.


This one here is a different type of inspiration….  That’s what I call it.  Don’t get me wrong, it can and will inspire your student athlete that’s on the right path.  However, if you’re looking to motivate a teenager that may not be an athlete, headed in the wrong direction or a child you’re concerned about.  Gridiron is a good one!

The Rock, plays a juvenile detention counselor, that gets fed up with the lifestyle pattern the kids take after leaving the detention center.  The pattern of release, death or returning to the detention center.  The Rock starts a football team with the youth in the center with a goal to help build their self esteem, self control and hope.

These are all great movies to sit down with your teenagers and watch.


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