The Sports Channel: It’s a new season


Today is my daughter's first game of the season. I won't be there in person, but you know I'm there … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday: Defense


(My daughter top left & bottom left) My daughter has began conditioning training and let's just say, … [Read more...]

She’s back on the court

back on the court2

                      After 2 … [Read more...]

The Sports Channel: Concussions

what she'll be doing

As parents of athletes we all know that contact sports can be aggressive and oftentimes dangerous, … [Read more...]

Chicago Sky, Sweaty Wrist Bands & Letterman Jacket


Daughter: Look! (Pointing at her bookbag.) Son: (reaching for it) Daughter: Don't touch it! It's … [Read more...]

Senior In The House


Time Flew By Today is the end of the school year for my daughter which makes her an official senior … [Read more...]

Ready for lift off


On my way to drop daughter off to the airport. I'm going to try and be a good mama & not cry. Or … [Read more...]

Motivational Monday – Heading to Super Sectionals

Cutting down net

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Last week was a bit busy & I hope this week is as well. My … [Read more...]

Varsity Jacket (Wordless Wednesday)


She just received all her Basketball gear for this season.  She's GEEKED! … [Read more...]

WTFlashback? Would I do if I didn’t have a Rear View mirror with compass?


WTFlashback? Would I do if I didn't have a Rear View mirror with compass? As my Grandma would … [Read more...]