Beaded Bookmark Tutorial Using Pantone Color of the Year

Who doesn’t love a cute bookmark and who doesn’t love some beautiful jewelry? Let’s combine the two and you have a Beaded Bookmark.Today I’ll be showing you how to create this beautiful beaded bookmark using the Pantone color of the year, green.

If you’ve seen my tutorial on how to Create Your Own Valentine Jewelry Set, many of the tools and supplies I used for that, we’ll use to create this Beaded Bookmark.


Beads of choice

Jewelry Wire

Seed Beads

Crimp Beads

Jewelry Crimper (Optional because you can use jewelry pliers as well)

Jewelry Pliers

First thing you want to do is pick out some green beads or color of choice.


Here are the beads I’m using for this project and I’m so happy I had these colors on hand.If you’re not a green kinda gal, choose the colors of your choice.I have a few green clothing items in my closet, but believe me it’s definitely only a few items and I’m sure many of us don’t grab the green item before colors like, black, pink etc.Let me know if green is your favorite color?

The next thing you’ll need is some beading wire.I’m using this silver beading wire and love the size because it allows the bookmark and any other jewelry you create with it to have some flexibility.

Next, you’ll need to get the book you’re creating this bookmark for.I’m creating this one for my journal bible, but I’ll also be able to use this bookmark in many other books too.Lay the wire inside your book to measure the length you’d like the bookmark.

After you’ve measured the desired length of your wire you can either preplan the layout of your beads or freestyle it.But before we begin loading the beads we’re going to use a crimp bead and create a closure at the bottom of the bookmark.This closure hangs out the bottom of your book and helps keep the bookmark in place.

Now, load up the beads beginning with the seed beads.Adding the seed beads may be the most tedious part of this project and they will be majority of the beadwork because you want them to lay neatly in the fold of your book.

After you’ve added all of the seed beads you’re going to get as creative as you’d like to add a creative flair to the end of your bookmark.This is the part of the bookmark that will hang from the top of your book and seen by all.So, make sure it’s CAUUUTE!

Lastly, added the same technique that we added at the bottom of the bookmark with the hoop closure and it’s done.Do you have a book in mind to create a bookmark for?If you get a chance to create this bookmark be sure to share it with me on Instagram I’d love to see it. Use the hashtag #HelpMamaRemote



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