What’s in my Prayer/War Binder & Tips to Strengthen Your Prayer Life


Why A Prayer Binder?

A few years back I began creating a prayer binder for myself.I wanted to create a resource to keep track of specific things I was praying for, documenting answered prayers and a tool to run to in crisis situations.One thing I’ve learned while creating my prayer binder is that it takes time.This process doesn’t happen overnight and it’s a journey.A course that we learn to embrace as we commune with the Father and grow in His word.

If you would like to create a prayer binder, you can do it for zero bucks because I’m sure you already have these items on hand.If you don’t have tools on hand trust me, it won’t cost much.

Tools You’ll Need

1. Binder-if you don’t have a binder on hand you can find one at the dollar store or anywhere you purchase school supply.My first prayer binder was a binder I repurposed from when I was a decorating consultant.I used some craft paper and decoupage to jazz it up a bit and currently use this binder for my Moms In Prayer binder.Ladies we’re creative and we should use our creativity in all things. So, be creative when it comes to making your binder.
2. Paper and Tabs– I suggest you section off your binder into different categories.Such as, family, marriage, children, church, business, community etc.This method works well for me, because who or whatever I’m focusing on in prayer, I can go to that section without any hassle.
3.Bible-Read the word of God so you can search for scriptures to apply to your prayers and be sure to not take scriptures out of context.

4.Set aside a consistent prayer time -Spending quality time with the Father to worship, pray and read His word.I love to get up early in the morning before everyone wakes up.I take my shower, get dressed and head downstairs to get my coffee before I go pray.Set a schedule that works well for you and be consistent.Being in the presence of God is wonderful and I look forward to spending that quality time with Him every morning.

5.Be honest- about what’s going on. One of the reasons it’s so important to read God’s word, it helps us learn more about Him.When we know Him we know what He hates and what He loves and we’re to hate what He hates (Psalm 97:10). We also learn the difference between sin and temptation and we’re able to address these things in our lives when they arise.

Do you have a prayer binder and if so, how has it benefited your prayer life?You can also watch the video below to get more details on my prayer binder.I’m also linking up today with Wise Woman Link up. Head over there and check out post from some wise women.



(Video) What’s in my Prayer/War Binder & Tips to Strengthen Your Prayer Life


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