The Cooking Channel:Simple Dessert – Icecream Cinnamon Roll Sandwich


As many of you know… I’m not a baker. The most I bake are cookies, muffins….you get me. 

Well, lately I’ve been wanting dessert after dinner.  At least once a week or every other week.  Yesterday I remembered that I had some cinnamon rolls (in a can) in the fridge and we had some vanilla icecream. 

I popped open the can, placed them on a oiled cookie sheet and cooked according to instructions on can.

After they were finished cooking, I used the frosting provided to coat the top of the cinnamon rolls. 

Next, I placed a cinnamon roll at the bottom of each coffee mug. I’m sure this would do great in other glasses too.and for many occasions. Another thing…you can wait for the rolls to cool or serve hot.  If served hot like I served them add more icecream because your icecream will melt faster.

Then, take your icecream (I used vanilla) and spoon in 3-4 scoops or 5 😉

Lastly, take another cinnamon roll and place on top.

Delicious!!!!! 1 can of cinnamon rolls will make enough for 4 people.


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