Clean Chandelier Hack

Have you ever turned on the light in your room and everything appeared dim?My first thought is to check to see if anything is wrong with lightbulbs and to my surprise I see all of the build up that has began to accrue on the chandelier crystal drops.

Now, this is a task I avoid at all cost, cleaning the crystal drops.Although cleaning light fixtures are on my cleaning list, it’s something I skip over or surface clean until it get’s notably icky.I’ll look up at the chandelier then, look away, up at the chandelier and then walk right off. lol

But one day… while in the kitchen I looked at the dishwasher and that BIG’ OLE light bulb went off in my head.



But before I tossed them all in the dishwasher and experience a total ruin and have to purchase all new ones, I did a test run.I took 3 pieces and ran them through a cycle to see how they hold up.I place two in the utensil holder and one on the top rack.

To my amazement they came out Cleznene! (clean in my Snoop Dog voice)

I also plan on using this technique with my ceiling fixture light domes as well. Now, depending on which room of the house the chandelier drops or light fixture domes are located, you may have minimum to maximum build up.For instance, my light comes in the kitchen get maximum grease build up quickly because they’re in the kitchen and I cook A LOT.In this case you may not have the same results.

What to do?

Soak chandelier drops or lobes first, remove excess dirt or grease and then place them in the dishwasher.

Now, let’s clean the chandelier drops.

  1. Remove chandelier drops.
  2. Check for excess dirt or grease build up.
  3. Pretreat any area that has excessive build up with some dish soap and remove it with some elbow grease and a towel.
  4. Place in the dishwasher.I placed mine on the top rack because the heating coil to dry the dishes are under the bottom rack.
  5. When load is complete, remove and dry with a towel.
  6. Place them back on the chandelier or light fixture.



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