Pre-Spring Garden Clean-up

The Weather Outside is Delightful

The weather in Chicagoland is DELightful!!So we had a chance to get out and enjoy it by cleaning up the garden beds and I cleaned up some flower beds too.Thankfully I did do a little fall cleanup so, that made this pre-spring cleanup easier.Of course there’s still lots more work to get done, but getting ahead start gets us ahead of the game.

So Much Done
We’ve also got ahead start on our gardening plans as well.Checking our seed supply, making a list of things we’ll need to begin gardening this spring and setting our gardening goals.

It Took A Beating
Although we’ve had a wonderful winter our greenhouse took a beating.We’ve lost nearly all of the top window panels with the exception of two of the small window panels.We were hoping to find some sort of plexiglass to replace them, but the prices were astronomical.Since we purchased our greenhouse it has went down to almost half the price. We darn near can buy another just by replacing the windows from the manufacturer, but we have to replace them. Last year I added some chicken wire around the bottom of the greenhouse to reinforce the panels.Our wind here is high and I was chasing panels on windy days, but since I’ve added the wire we haven’t had any blowouts on the bottom panels.Once the top panels are replaced we’ll add the wire there too to keep them in place.

Has the weather been beautiful in your area and has it inspired you to begin preparing for gardening season?I know we’re not out of the woods, but having the preliminaries out of the way will make things a breeze.


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