Kids Craft Tutorial: Paper Bag Puppets

Here’s a great project to do with the kids on a cold winter snowy day.  This project can be customized for every child or can be used as treat bags for a party.  Let your imagination run wild!

Items needed

1.Paper bags

2.Paper Doll Dress Up cricut cartridge


3.Paper Stack colors of your choice we used the Grade School Stack


& The Natural Matstack


4. Embellishments & brads


5.Hot glue gun (optional),tape gun (ATG) or decoupage. We used decoupage on the characters and hot glue on the flower embellishment on the girl’s hair. The decoupage worked well and I would have used my ATG gun, but I ran out of tape yesterday while working on another project (shame on me).


Let’s Get Started

First decide on which characters you will like your paper bag puppets to be.  My daughter choose these characters and they were all cut at 5 1/2  inches.  I have the very first cricut so you can make yours larger if you choose in order to cover more of the paper bag.


Since we made to characters you can cut out 3 heads (we didn’t do bodies its up to you)  The reason for 3 heads is because 1 of the extra heads will be for the back of the boys head.  The girl doesn’t need one because we used long hair for the back of her head.

3 heads- press  shift + body (cuts at 5 1/2)

Use decoupage or tape gun to adhere head to paper bag



Front of girls hair:  press head wear + dancer

Back of girls hair: press head wear + ntvty1

Girls dress: press prnces and cut 2 because one will be for front and the other will be for back


We put a dress on the back of the puppet to give her a sense of being real when she turns around.


The shoes and socks came out of the Grade School Paper Stack.  I cut them out by hand and glued them under her dress.  I think they add the cutest touch!!!!


The flower was used to place on her hair with the hot glue gun and the brads were used for her earrings.  We also used some brown brads for her eyes.





Back view of Girl Paper Bag Puppet


We repeated the same steps with the Boy Paper Bag Puppet only we used

Shirt: press promby-s cut 2 one for front in back

Shorts: press promby cut 2 one for front and back

Hair: press head wear +promby

Feet: His feet were cut from the grade school paper stack as well.  I know…I know…..his feet don’t match his face.  Let’s act like they do for this occasion. 🙂

Lastly, both of their mouths were cut by hand out of scrap pieces of leftover paper.


Hope you all enjoyed it.  Like I said a great project to do with the kids or use it to feed your creative spirit.




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