Ecostore Product Review


Few months ago I was contacted by a representative from Ecostore.  Ecostore is a  manufacturer wholesale and retailer for household & personal care products.  The products that they offer are good for the home and environment. 

I’m very skeptical of which cleaning products I purchase at the store, since  my entire family suffering from Allergies/Asthma.  I was able to pick 2 products so, I chose the 32oz. Dish wash Liquid & 17oz. Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner.

Plant Based Super Concentrate Dishwash Liquid
Worked superb and would you believe, it lasted in my house for over a MONTH! I’m sure your thinking, what’s the BIG DEAL! If you knew my kids…..They will pour out a half  of a bottle of dish washing liquid to clean 1 plate! So, when this lasted over a month and we still have a little more left… I believed the bottle when it said, “CONCENTRATE”. Being a Hairstylist, has me on a bubble look out.(lol) Short on bubbles, this dish washing liquid was NOT.

Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner
I loved using the Spray Cleaner for my daily cleaning to clean NASTY toilets and our counter tops to keep those areas safe and clean for my family. The fragrance was fresh and clean. I don’t use harsh Bleaches in my house. Not even in my whites. That may sound strange but I never like the smell of the harsh bathroom cleaners. My house smelling like bleach after a Saturday morning cleaning….it’s not going to happen. Another hot spot I enjoyed cleaning with the Spray Cleaner was my baby girls potty. WooHoo! SCORE!

I’d be the first to admit, I’m not that great with ordering my household product from online. But….WAIT! Meijer Stores are carrying a special selection of Household Cleaning & Baby care products. If you’re like me and concerned about the health of your family and the cleaning products you use, checkout Ecostore.

Disclosure: I received The Plant Based Super Concentrate  Liquid & Dish washThe Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner from Ecostore for review purposes. This is my opinion of the products I received.


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