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Don’t you just love reminiscing on the television shows you watched as a child? I definitely do, and I love when Netflix brings back the flash of the past.

Fuller House aired on Netflix this Friday. I cuddled up with my little New York and let the episodes roll.


Now, the first 5 minutes I spotted Pyrex and before the show was over I spotted three different Pyrex bowls. Alright, alright, I’ll stay focused.

fuller house

If you were around in the old days… 1987ish. You’d remember the television show Full House. Danny Tanner, his brother in law and his friend helps Danny raise his three daughter’s after his wife died in a car accident.

The show has returned and now everyone is grown up and the second generation has all moved back into the Tanner house. Including DJ’s friend and her daughter. Fuller House is a funny show and I enjoyed the episodes I’ve watched so far. I was glad that I sat down to watch them first before watching them with my youngest daughter because there was alot of inappropriate content for kids. I’d definitely advise parents to watch it alone first so that they can make the proper judgement call before watching it with any of your young children.

Although I was disappointed that Fuller House wasn’t a family show, I was able to enjoy plenty  laughs with the exception of the sexual innuendos and some other content I believe, if left out, the show would have received 5 stars from me. My personal opinion is… If, a television show has children under age, there shouldn’t be any sexual content included at all.  So, have you checked out Fuller House yet on Netflix and if so, how do you compare it from the original shows?


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