Marriage & The Family: 5 Loving Remedies for Homesick College Students


The title should read: 5 loving remedies for a mom who’s sick because her child left for college. 🙂 Time heals all wounds.

1. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media: Thank God for social sites like Twitter, Facebook (the kids have migrated from there), Instagram and YouTube. Although you can be hundreds of miles away, seeing daily updates or pictures posted gives you a feeling of not missing out on what your college student and your family are experiencing. The joy I feel when my daughter likes my post on Instagram or vice verse. So many times I’ve commented on a picture and my daughter will in return call me laughing and we begin to elaborate.

2. Txt msgs: I’m a lover of txt msging. With so much going on with my daily routines and activities, spending hours on the phone is impossible. Random good mornings, WYD, guess what just happened keeps you and your college student connected throughout the day or when time permits.

3. Care Packs: I haven’t went care pack crazy, but the pleasure I get sending my daughter care packs, gives me that ooey gooey mama feeling way down on the inside. Picturing her face when she opens the box and sees pop tarts, gum, laundry detergent etc., warms my heart.

4. Phone calls: txt msging is convenient, stalking her Twitter stream is cool, but hearing her voice puts my heart at ease as I discern her feelings and emotions. Mamas can hear, fatigue, hunger and any other emotions our kids may be feeling without looking in their face. You know… silence often means trouble. How many times have you uttered these words, “YOU’RE TOO QUIET IN THERE! WHAT ARE YOU GETTING INTO?! Sure enough, you enter the quiet filled room and your child is covered in Vaseline!

5. In YO FACE: Skype, YouTube and Facetime are the visual networks we can use to confirm our discerning or put our hearts at ease. Whenever I’m unsure of what I’m hearing in her voice, unclear status update or a vague txt msg, I’ll tell her to Skype me. Then, I’ll conclude…Oh, she’s tired, homesick or maybe she just had a long day. More importantly, I get to see her lovely face 🙂

Everything I touched on above keeps your relationship with your college student intact. These aren’t only helpful to you as a mom, but you could never imagine how much this love you’re showing to your child helps ease his/her homesickness.

Feel free to expound or add to any of the above that has helped you, your child and family with the transitioning of your child leaving home and going to college.


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