Ways to Help Our Kids Get Through PARCC Testing

I’m not ashamed to say that school wasn’t my favorite place to go

Sharpened number 2 pencils in hand, two to be exact, a good breakfast and out the door and off to school for a full day of testing.Oh, how I dreaded those days.Although I cringed the days of testing, the apprehension was higher when the results were in.

I’m not ashamed to say that school wasn’t my favorite place to go, but I also can look back with slight regret wondering what if, things would have worked out differently?What if school had been my prized place to go.Knowing that dwelling on the ‘What ifs’ changes nothing, I keep those experiences in mind and I’m always looking for ways to help make my kids look at school differently than I did.

how I help my kids get through the testing as stress free as possible

This week many of our kids, grades 3rd through 8th and high school will begin taking the PARCC Tests. Short story long, PARCC is PARTNERSHIP FOR ASSESSMENT OF READINESS FOR COLLEGE AND CAREERS.That’s a darn mouthful.I’m not here to debate if this testing is beneficial or battle out my beliefs of the Common Core State Standards.I’m just here so I won’t get fined LOL.For real though, I’m sharing how I help my kids get through the testing as stress free as possible and hoping you may adopt some of my ideas or spark your creativity to come up with your own.

One thing I do to help my kids look at school differently than I did growing up, is by sharing some of my experiences with them, when I see them facing similar battles that I faced growing up.Of course when sharing my experiences I have to be selective with each child and make sure I share what’s age appropriate for them at the time.I think it also let’s them see that, although I’m a parent now, I’ve walked in their shoes and I know how this may be challenging for them.Hopefully this helps them feel comfortable and willing to come and talk to me when they need someone to talk to.

Another way I like to shine some light on my kids educational experience, is to make sure that when they’re testing, things on the homefront are as stress free as possible.Here’s 10 ways I do this and depending on what type of test and the severity of the stress it can cause, I may subtract a few or add some more.


This is where I begin and this is where I end, praying with and for my children when they’re about to take a test.Although I pray for my children daily, taking their hand and letting them hear me pray for them is refreshing to their souls.Though they may not always say it, they have come to me later and said thanks for praying for me, mom.I’m thankful to the Lord for allowing me to come to Him with my concerns and when I see Him answer my prayers.


From spelling test to PARCC, practice, practice, practice.A few weeks ago we had a parent meeting at my daughter’s school informing us of what we needed to know before our kids took the PARCC test.That’s when we received website information for the practice test.Daily Jala spent time on the site taking the practice test and getting familiar with the type of questions that would be asked and how to solve them.We both thought it was helpful because it gave her and myself insight on the testing process ahead of time.


Let’s make sure they get a good meal before leaving the house while testing.Does this mean you have to cook breakfast every single morning?No, but if you want to go right ahead.You can also make breakfast ahead of time, a bowl of cereal, smoothie or some quick frozen breakfasts meals that you can heat up in the microwave will do.I also like to ask my kids what they’ll like in the morning.If they say cereal, cereal it is and they better not expect bacon, eggs, grits and pancakes, if they suggested cereal.


Seeing as though I like to have dinner done before the kids get home, eating dinner at 3 o’clock is a bit early.So, after a long testing day at school coming home to a refreshing snack always makes the day.Days like this really calls for a tasty smoothie, some fruit, yogurt or whatever snacks your kids enjoy.


Ain’t nothing like a home cooked meal and what better way to end the day with dinner.

Get Clothes Ready for the week

Of course you can set out the clothes the night before, but if you can do it for the entire week…Do it!You’d thank yourself in the morning.


For us moms with natural brown girls, throwing the hair up in a ponytail…is as is as it gets.However, when I put Jala’s hair in a ponytail I have to do this every morning for the entire week.That’s when braiding her hair up into french braids trumps the ponytail. So, I shampoo and condition her hair.

Then, braid it into french braids and it’ll look beautiful the entire week.This helps make our mornings a breeze.

Go to bed early

Jala has a 9 o’clock bedtime.I’m sure that may be considered a bit late for some, but it works well for us.Every night about a half hour before bedtime, Jala gets some “ME TIME’.During this time she gets to either watch one of her favorite Youtube channels or have some reading time.This week this won’t change. She’ll have her “ME TIME” and she’ll go to sleep between 8 o’clock and 8:30 to make sure she get’s enough rest and she’s bright eyed and bushy tail in the morning.

Stress Free

Um, who doesn’t like a stress free home?I know I do and that’s one thing I’ve always strive to do was to create a peaceful atmosphere in our home.

Set Timers To Get To School On Time

Last and definitely not least, I set some timers to make sure our mornings are flowing smoothly to get the kids off to school on time.Who wants to get to school late and have to rush to get in their seat right before a test?Not me and our kids don’t either.Check out this post on how I set timers to stay on track.Not trying to toot my own horn, but I don’t think Jala has any tardies this year.Not bad for a mama that received detentions for being late all the darn time when I was in school.So thankful for maturity.

Hope this gave you some ideas on how to help your kids make it through PARCC testing and any other testing they may have coming up.What are some of the things you do to make sure your kids get through testing stress free?



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