KOHL Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago

I was invited to visit the Kohl Children’s Museum. All opinions in this post are my own.


Are We There Yet

Recently my family and I were invited to visit the Kohl Children’s Museum here in the Chicagoland area.Now, we set out to go and spend the day there with our youngest daughter and we didn’t let her know where we were going until we got there.Literally she didn’t know where we were going until she read the museum sign and even then she was still a bit confused.

Imagination Run WILD!

The Kohl Children’s Museum is filled with exploratory, imaginative and stimulating activities for children of multiple ages.My only regret is not bringing along one of my daughter’s friends so she can have someone to join in on all the activities they had there for the kids.

The first place Jala explored in this indoor museum was the Adventures in Art center.

Art in Adventures

Located in the art center was a large variety of art supplies and stations in the center where they can create their very own art masterpiece. Jala made a birthday card to send to her big sister in New York.


Our next stop was the SpotHero Car Garage where Jala was able to go through a car wash simulation and play at many other automotive stations.

SpotHero Car Garage

We had only visited two of the centers and we already knew getting her out of this place was going to be a problem.This girl was on 10 and keeping up with her excitement as she was torn between which exhibit to go to next.We visited ever single exhibit in the Kohl Children’s Museum and there were many:

Adventures in Art

All About Me

Baby Nursery

City on the Move

Cooperation Station

Habitat Park

Hands On House

Nature Explorers

Pet Vet

Play Café

Powered by Nature

Ravinia Festival Music Makers

Sheridan’s Books & Crannies

SpotHero Car Garage

Turtle Rock

Water Works

Whole Foods Market

and more…

But I want to share the two places Jala spent most of her time. Like staying long and going back after she visited every exhibit.One of those exhibits was Whole Foods.It was so funny because as she walked pass this pay phone it began to ring and this was her face wondering who was on the other end. LOL


Whole Foods

This kid shopped til she dropped!

The second exhibit that we spent the most time in was the Play Cafe…..She was able to pretend she served us lunch at the cafe, clean and work the register.

Play Cafe




If you’re interested in attending the Kohl Children’s Museum it’s located at 2100 Patriot Blvd. Glenview Il., 60026

Although summer is almost over, I think it’s a great place to take the kids before they go back to school to stimulate their minds for the upcoming school year.With exhibits like Sheridan’s Books & Crannies the kids can take a break, sit back and read any of the multiple books they have there.As well as, you can get some ideas on how to create a reading area in your own home before the school year begins.

Sheridan’s Books & Crannies

A couple exhibits that will help encourage your child’s STEM learning this school year is the Science + You Exhibit and the Water Works Exhibit.

Science + You


Water Works

If you and your family visit the Kohl Children’s Museum this year or in the future, you will definitely enjoy it and leave a comment below if you have already visited the museum.


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