Marriage & The Family: Dealing with Life’s Disappointments


  There’s Joy in the Midst of Disappointment Hearing my kids laugh these days brings me unspeakable joy.  Playing a video game together or alone, watching Vine videos or laughing at each other, are the things that make my kids Laugh Out Loud.  Actually, Roll on the Floor Laughing. Focus on the Good Who doesn’t […]

My most embarrassing moment (Video)

most embarrassing moment thumbnail

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A balanced life is a pipe dream

pen paper 1

But today… I came to the realization that a balanced life is a pipe dream. Get over it, girl! Do what you do and do it with excellence and to the best of your ability. Whatever doesn’t get done, get over it, girl!

Marriage & The Family: My life likened to a period


Something recently happened with my phone after an upgrade.  The period was closer to the space bar, so every time I hit the space bar.I.Get.A.Period.Instead. Annoying! Updating.A.Post.Is.Annoying. Texting.Is.Annoying. It.Looks.Like.I’m.Stopping.After.Every.Word. Which makes me have to backup and erase the mess. Like this How you.doing? How you doing? Ugh!!!!!! ANNOYING!!!!! Updating my social media status takes […]

Marriage & The Family: Mama escapes to WalMart

Ecards Walmart

After being home all day with kids and a dog, there are days I have literally ran my husband over making my exit as he enters the door. Like the other day… Me:  I’m about to go get some bread. Husband: I”ll go get it. Me: I’ll get it. Husband: The car is still warm, […]

The days I don’t, I do. The days I want, I don’t.


Do you ever have days when you are trying to reach a goal, but you come up short?  Or days when you want to tell your goals, “I’ll catch you tomorrow!” However, you catch them today?  That’s how my work outs have been the past few weeks.  One week I literally have throw myself out […]

Life is a Choreography

Colorful butterfly on wildflower

Life begins at conception Similar to Dancing with the stars supernaturally on one leg Competing to impregnate her Like the eagle protects her egg.   OH!  The labor pain! Your parents Have already called you by name Cuz You’re a perfect 10 10 centimeters, that is You pass through the canal reaching the end You […]

If you want to move forward, take your foot off the brakes. (Technical Tuesday)


Yesterday we spent our afternoon at Odyssey Fun World and I learned a couple things about myself. I may look like a clown but you can keep the show.  1.)I despise going to places like that. You know the Chuckie Cheese, Odyssey Fun World, McDonald’s Play Land & playgrounds. Why? Because many of them aren’t […]

Putting All The Pieces Together (Motivational Monday)


Puzzle As of recently I found out that my youngest daughter likes putting together puzzles. I also found out that I enjoy putting them together too. While putting together this puzzle I had a light bulb moment. Now, I’m sure I already knew this but sometimes my light gets dim and it takes some time […]

It’s My Birthday!!!!#38 Class back in Session

Happy Birthday

Growing up September 7th was often the day for back to school.  This day is also my birthday.  I’m 38 years old today & can’t believe how the years have flown by.  Not to mention how much I’ve matured over the years.  Believe me… that’s a good thing!  Often when people reach a certain milestones […]