My most embarrassing moment (Video)

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A balanced life is a pipe dream

pen paper 1

We all have dreams Some big some small and some forget to dream at all All poems aside, for the … [Read more...]

Marriage & The Family: My life likened to a period


Something recently happened with my phone after an upgrade.  The period was closer to the space bar, … [Read more...]

Marriage & The Family: Mama escapes to WalMart

Ecards Walmart

After being home all day with kids and a dog, there are days I have literally ran my husband over … [Read more...]

The days I don’t, I do. The days I want, I don’t.


Do you ever have days when you are trying to reach a goal, but you come up short?  Or days when you … [Read more...]

Life is a Choreography

Colorful butterfly on wildflower

Life begins at conception Similar to Dancing with the stars supernaturally on one leg Competing … [Read more...]

If you want to move forward, take your foot off the brakes. (Technical Tuesday)


Yesterday we spent our afternoon at Odyssey Fun World and I learned a couple things about … [Read more...]

Putting All The Pieces Together (Motivational Monday)


PuzzleAs of recently I found out that my youngest daughter likes putting together puzzles. I also … [Read more...]

It’s My Birthday!!!!#38 Class back in Session

Happy Birthday

Growing up September 7th was often the day for back to school.  This day is also my birthday.  I'm … [Read more...]