The Sports Channel: It’s a new season


Today is my daughter’s first game of the season. I won’t be there in person, but you know I’m there in spirit. It’s amazing how the cycle of life brings everything back full circle. Starting over with any new team causes us to have to show that we are committed to the mission. Which in turn opens doors for opportunity.

My once starter will have to spend time on the bench again like she did her freshman year of highschool. Never underestimate the power of sitting on the bench. Sitting on the bench with the right spirit and great work ethic, opens the door for endless opportunities. This is what we’ve instilled in her from day one…when you’re sitting on the bench, be mindful of your attitude and cheer for your team. When you get taking out of the game because you’ve messed up, don’t be discouraged, be thankful. Be thankful that your coach cares enough to point out your error so you can learn how to correct it. When you get in the game… play your best game. Companies are able to sale us their idea & product within the timeframe of their commercial. When we’re watching a television show we may watch 2-3 minutes of commercials in increments. When you get on the court, sale yourself! Convince those watching that you are a team player. Convince them that you’re not selfish. Convince them that this girl has got her practice in when she has down time……

Some may argue, “some people just may not want to buy your product.”

Just because someone isn’t willing to buy your product, doesn’t meant that your product isn’t built to last and of high quality. Some people like cheap stuff and at the end of the game, you know you gave it your all.

Best wishes to my daughter and her team as they begin their season.


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