Summer Learning: Mathematical Block Challenge

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School is out, summer vacation is in full affect and it won’t be long before we hear our little one’s say, “I’m bored!” So, to keep that from happening I have a few projects planned to keep Jala active and learning this summer.

Mathematical Block Challenge 

The project I’ll like to share with you today is a Mathematical Block Challenge.You’ll only need a few items and this game can be played over and over by any child and any age.


5- Blocks (4 of the same color and 1 different color. These blocks are purchased from the Dollar Tree with Dry Erase areas where we will write numbers & mathematical symbols)

Permanent Marker or Dry Erase Marker

Hour Glass Timer (Optional)

First thing to do is to write numbers 1- 6 on one block.

On the second block write 7-12


You’re going to do the same thing to the second set of blocks as well.You should have 2 blocks with 1-6 and 2 blocks 7-12.

The last block which is the different color block we’e going to write mathematical symbols.Depending on the age of your child will determine how many symbols you’ll have to write.As the mathematical skills increase you can add more symbols.

How to play the game?

This is where you can change the rules and have fun, but remember to keep the rules consistent.Here is how we played the game.

The child will roll the odd color block and that is the block with the mathematical symbols on it.Then he/she will roll one of the (in our case) red blocks and last the second red block.Here we have…

9 – 2 = ?

They will continue this process or take turns if you have multiple children.

How do you use the timer?

The timer is a 2 minute timer.Begin the timer and let the child answer as many equations they can in 2 minutes (optional).Again, if you have multiple children playing, you can add another dimension to the game by taking score. Ready, Set & Go!

                                Jala                 James

Round 1                    3                       2

Round 2                   4                       5

Round 3                   4                       3

Total                       11                     10

Looking for some fun learning activities to challenge your learners this summer?Try the Mathematical Block Challenge.


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