Andys Fish Fry Seasoning


Just wanted to share with you one of our family “must have” in the kitchen cabinet. Andy’s Fish seasoning is the “BOMB!” I started using this seasoning 2 years ago while on vacation. Where we went we had to bring our own grocery. With a family of 5, it helps us cut down on the costs. Also we had to make sure we weren’t bringing a whole lot of grocery. Otherwise I would have to bring: cornmeal, flour & seasonings along. So, not only does the Andy’s seasoning help us cut down on cost it’s also Convenient. With a capital “C”.

Any-who, we’ve been fans every since. This is how I use it:
I take a Ziploc bag. Pour in the seasoning then place my fish in the bag, zip it up and shake.
Place my battered fish in very hot cooking oil & fry.

TIP: How do you know when fish is completely done? When it floats.

When fish is done. Take it out hot oil and place on a paper towel so that the oil will drain.

TIP: What is the best oil to use? Oil that has been used at least once. (drain oil after first use and use at least 1 more time. It helps fish to fry really well.)

If you too are a fish lover next time you’re in the grocery store pick up a pack.  You will not be disappointed.  When I checked out the website, I found out that they also have it for chicken and seafood.  That’ll be our next purchase.  We get ours from WalMart (cost approx: $2.50 sorry threw away the receipt) and they only carry the fish seasoning.  I was using this seasoning on my fish, shrimp, chicken & fried green tomatoes.  One bag was able to make my family of 5 both of these meals. 

This is Andy's Fish Seasoning on our ChickenIMG_0026-1

This is the fried chicken


Disclosure:  This is the view of my family.  We were not paid by Andy’s nor were we given the product to test.  This is one of our very own favorites.


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