5 Uses for Chalkboard Labels and STUFF

One of the things that draws my attention while out shopping and will get me to by it for a dolla… chalkboard anything!  Anything!  Chalkboard labels, tags, boards, paint, markers, paper and the list will go on.  They make them and I’ll buy them.


What I love most about chalkboard stuff is that they are multifaceted.  You can use them in so many ways and continue to think of more ways to use them.  I’d like to share with you 5 uses for all things chalkboard.

Labeling Stuff: Well, duh.  Let’s not just label the ordinary things, let’s label those things that we didn’t think to label.  We’ve all added labels to our spice jars, but let’s not forget to label those containers that we can’t see in.  Not everyone in our home knows where the sugar is or the rice that’s stored in the non-translucent containers. So, let’s label them.

Give a Cohesive Look To The Non- Cohesive:  Let’s say you have some mix match bottles or containers that’re located in the kitchen on the counter.  In order to bring these items that don’t look like the other together, add chalkboard labels and voila they’re now intransigent.

Scriptures or Quotes:  Looking to add some inspiration or encouragement to a space?  Add some chalkboard signs with your favorite scriptures or quotes.


Of course this sign is on a massive scale, but you can go as small or large as you’d like.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Parties: Having a party or friends over for lunch?  Knowing that I’m a bit bias on the chalkboard stuff, but they add the cutest touch.


Paint Something With Chalkboard Paint: Want to get creative?  Paint a wall, desk, jar or whatever floats your boat with chalkboard paint.  Adds a creative element to any space in your home or office.

Are you into chalkboard labels, tags, boards or paint too?  If so, what do you like using chalkboard labels for?  Hope I’ve given you some ways to use them or sparked your creativity or interest when it comes to these functional labels.  These things are so fun to use , but like I said before I’m a bit bias when it comes to anything chalkboard.


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