May Netflix StreamTeam Movie Picks – Rev Run’s Sunday Supper

In this post I’ll share with you what I enjoyed on Netflix this month. I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team and the opinions are my very own.

Last month we enjoyed Rev Run’s Renovation and that led us to watch Rev Run’s Supper. Of course this was Jala’s suggestion and with Rev Run’s Shows being clean content it was safe for us to watch together.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect with this show. I wasn’t sure if Run and Justine were going to cook all the meals or have a professional cook come to their home and cook. I just wasn’t sure. Well, I think they added a great dynamic to the show by inviting family and friends over to cook dinner. There aren’t many episodes in this series, but enough to grab some of your favorite ice cream, a blanket and chill on a Friday or Saturday night.

Being one that loves to cook, sometimes I find myself in a cooking funk. Life gets the best of me and my creativity is the first to go. Rev Run’s Sunday Supper motivated me and gave me some inspiration to come up out of my cooking funk. I also, purchased a shoulder roast that they cooked on the show and I’m excited to try and add my spin on it.

What have you watched on Netflix this past month? With the weather getting warmer do you find it harder to wind down and catch a movie at home? Since we spend so much time in the garden this time of year we have to make sure we have a family movie night or a date night to wind down a bit.


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