Growing Sweet Potato Shoots

We make plans when we garden and then there’s those things that just happen and you add them to the plans you made.There’s this large stockpot that my mom gave me.This pot is large enough to feed an army, type stockpot.I use it in the kitchen to hold my potatoes and as of late I’m using it to store the rest of our sweet potato harvest from last year.

While in the kitchen the other day, I looked down in the pot and saw an itty bitty leaf sticking out.You’d thought I found hidden treasure.

After seeing the leaves I called my husband to tell him what I found.This lead us to do some research on how we can create our own sweet potato plants.Every year my husband goes on a search to find sweet potato plants and it’s a quest because most of the garden nurserys don’t get them in stock until late spring or early summer.

We also have a 4×16 raised gardening bed to grow our sweet potatoes in.

Which means we have to plant a maximum of atleast 30 something sweet potato plants to fill this baby up.Purchasing the plants aren’t overly expensive, but what’s better than growing your own sweet potato plants from the previous season’s harvest?

Nothing gets better than that.


Some of our harvest from last year and this is just a portion of it.

After researching we found out that we need to get the sweet potatoes to make shoots by either placing them in water or cutting off the part of the potato that’s sprouting, place them in dirt and allow the roots to grow.

So, that’s what we did.Next, we just add a little more dirt, but not to cover them fully.

Follow up buy watering it.

And since we’re doing the winter sowing method we added tape to close the milk jug so we can take them outside and place them in our raised beds under our hoop houses.

Yeah, out here in this snow is where we have our plants growing under the hoop houses. Thank God for micr-climating.

This is crazy Chicago weather and here are some crazy Chicago gardeners.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Stay tuned for an update on how our sweet potato shoots come out.


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