8 Things I’m Glad Didn’t Exist When I Was A Teenager


I refuse to give explanations of why I’m glad none of these existed.  Let’s leave it to your imagination or I’m sure you have your own reasons why you’re glad they didn’t exist.   1. FaceBook 2. Twitter 3. Instagram 4. Student Portals 5. Cell phone/Smartphones 6. Playstation 3 & Xbox 7. Internet 8. YouTube […]

I’m a Verizon Moms Voices Ambassador! – Help me guess the device I’ll review

verizon badge small

I’m excited to announce that for the next 6 months I’ll have the opportunity to test a device/s from Verizon and give my opinion. With maintaining a family, business, blog and many other multifacets of my life, having adequate devices help things run smoothly. I’m sure we can all agree to that. Seeing as though […]

The next generation of social media


We sat down to eat breakfast this morning and my daughter said, “WAIT! I almost forgot to take a picture of my food.” She ran in the kitchen to get her camera. I have a mini laptop that I no longer use and I let her use it to play around with the video recorder. […]

Charging all electronics, STAT!


Woke up this morning with no power due to a severe thunderstorm last night. Of course my phone’s battery life was in the yellow, but there was an alternative…..charging it in the car until our power was restored. Thankfully, the power restored about 30 minutes after I woke up so I didn’t have to put […]

WTFlashback? Would I do if I didn’t have a Rear View mirror with compass?


WTFlashback? Would I do if I didn’t have a Rear View mirror with compass? As my Grandma would say,”up the creek with out a paddle!”    Drifting far from the oceans shore (I think those are the words to the song).  You get my drift? Get it? Drift? LOL I remember riding in the car with […]

Technically it’s Tuesday Blackberry Style


Hey! Hey!  It’s Tuesday.  If you remember on yesterday I said I was really thinking about making my blog ME?(That makes the MEME make since)  I think I said it to you.  Any who.  Today I’d like to introduce my Tuesday theme (drum roll)…………………………… Technical Tuesday Now, Technical Tuesday can technically be anything technical. It […]