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Kung Zhu Pets



On behalf of Zhu Zhu Pets & Mom Select we were giving the opportunity to have a Kung Zhu Party for my 9yr old son. Whenever we saw the commercial on T.V my son would say, “See Ma that’s what I’m talking about!  Can I get that for my birthday or Christmas?” They’re both in the same month.  That was way before we received the Kung Zhu Pets.  

The day we received the Kung Zhu Pets they came by UPS… The doorbell rang and it was this huge box at the door.  I thought my husband had ordered something but when I opened the box I saw that it was all my doing. lol  

Let me tell you all the goodies that come in the Kung Zhu Collection 

There are 2 sets of Kung Zhu Hamsters; The Special Forces & Ninja Warriors and there are 4 in each set. You can also purchase their  Armor.  We can’t have our hamsters in the Battle zone with no Armor! 

Kung Zhu Pets with Armor

My favorite accessory are the Tanks 4 different kind;  The Rhino Tank, Buzzsaw Tank, Spider Skull Tank & Scorpion Tank.  You place the Kung Zhu Pet behind his tank and he takes off in it.  So cute handsome! 

Spider Skull Tank

Kung Zhu Pet & Tank

In order to complete the collection there’s The Ultimate Battleground. When they say “Ultimate”, they mean “ULTIMATE!” I’m going to let you in on a little secret….I’m using this around my Christmas tree this year. Mwahaha!!!!! So here goes…all these accessories makes up The Ultimate Battleground. 

The Battle Arena
The Forces HQ
The Mission Control
The Training Ground
The Combat Bridge
The Ambush Alley U-Turn
The Training Ground – Bravo
The KZ -18 Fighter Jet
The Missile Attack Tower
The Dragon Hammer 

The Ninja Training Ground
The Ninja Snake Pit
The Ninja Dojo Base
The Samurai Training Ground
The Dragon Alley U-Turn
The Wheel of Fire 

Kung Zhu Tip****Another great asset to this collection is that you can configure it in so many ways. A great way to allow your son or daughter to use their creativity. 

Kung Zhu Tip****Storage, Storage,Storage! With so many great accessories for your child to collect,  Mom’s we need to know a great way to store this Collection. This also teaches our children how to take care of their toys. This will help them when they are all grown up too. What I did was go to my favorite retail store and purchased a 22Gal storage container. You can take the Collection apart with ease, store it & put it back together very easily. 

All the items listed above are stored in here

It's all inside

I also have a 2yr old and if you think she was going to allow us to leave her out of all of the fun! You can think again. 


"WOOHOO!!!!!" You have to hear her say it. It's so cute.

After reading the directions and showing my son how it’s suppose to be put together, I let him be creative. 

This is the Giant Battle Arena (it comes apart for easy storage)


Party Time 

Each child at the party received a Kung Zhu Pet & Armor





Now here is your chance to win your very own   (1)  Kung Zhu Pet and  (1)  Armor. This contest will end on July 3, 2010 at 11:59pm
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